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This is a grab bag of stuff I have written (and some interviews), loosely sorted and mostly fairly loosely thought as well....

The Technology of Management and the Management of Technology
Various writings on technology and what it means. Or what I think it means.

Norske ting.....
(apologies to non-Norwegian speakers, but it is my first language...) Endel avisinnlegg, artikler med meninger, osv.
My column in CIO/Business Standard (in Norwegian) 2000-2003
CIO/Business Standard was a Norwegian technology/business/innovation magazine, which started out as the Norwegian-language subsidiary of The Industry Standard, ran for a few years and then changed affilitation to CIO Magazine .  I wrote an (almost) monthly column there for about three  years, it was rather fun. The Concours Group Knowledge Network (2001)
The Concours Group used to run a "Knowledge Network", a web page where a number of people contribute ideas in management and eBusiness.  Here are my small contributions, some of which made it into the next category after a while. Teaching cases and teaching material
I do a lot of case teaching, and consequently have ended up writing these cases.  For other teachers and discussion leaders -- feel free to use this stuff, and email me if you want more material.  (Please include information about where you teach -- occasionally I get mail from students wanting the teaching notes in lieu of preparation.) Odds and ends.....
Stuff that is hard to categorize. birdline
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