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November 7, 2005

Aftenposten even slower than I thought...

I can't believe it! This weekend, I noticed that Aftenposten, the largest newspaper in Norway had finally written about Jobs' brilliant speech - long after I had described it as old, yet still interesting news. Yet another example of how slow Norwegian media can be (my favorite was when they presented Wikipedia ... summer 2005!)

But there's a twist: apparantly the story is in Aftenposten because of my post. One of my high-school teachers read my post, found it interesting and mentioned it to another teacher. She mentioned it to her husband, an Aftenposten journalist, and a day or two later...

Should this annoy me? Maybe, but at least this way, even more people get to read this wonderful speech.

The story, in my teacher's (Norwegian) words:

 Hei!  La du merke til at Aftenposten skrev om talen til Jobs i helgen?
  The story goes like this:  
1. Jeg leste bloggen din. Fatter interesse for talen hans.  
2. Jeg nevner den for Julia - kanskje hun kan bruke talen i engelsk VK2?  
3. Julia nevner den for sin mann, journalisten.  
4. Journalisten nevner dette for en kollega i Aftenposten.  
5. Kollegaen skriver artikkelen i avisen.  
Minner litt om Inger Hagerup ikke sant? ("I huset bortenfor huset bortenfor..." osv osv)

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