Speaking and consulting arrangements Espen Andersen
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I am available as a speaker, facilitator and/or moderator of discussions for corporations and events, as well as for advisory consulting (i.e., shorter projects). This is subject to a
vailability, interest and, of course, having no direct competitive conflict with my main employer (The Norwegian Business School). For inquiries, please contact me directly. Some of my previous speaking engagements are listed in my speaking list. For consulting background, send me an email.

My fees are in line with current (international) fees for this type of speaking/consulting, and do not include costs. (For assignments in Norway, I will have to charge sales tax (MVA) in addition).  For travel outside Norway, I normally require business class tickets. I do some "pro bono" speaking for non-commercial organizations, but do not do free speeches at vendor conferences and such to market myself. I do not have stock presentations, and prefer to do events that are discussion-like in nature, but can also do podium speaking if required. I enjoy being provocative and having an engaged audience. Presentations and discussion can be in English, Norwegian or Swedish.

When presentation material is necessary I will normally require a data projector, and will bring my own laptop to connect to it. Sound and/or Internet connection during presentations is nice but normally not necessary (but ask). I don't like to hand out my presentations electronically, unless you agree to turn them into PDF files (Adobe Acrobat) and distribute them on some form of closed system (i.e., not the entire Internet) for the use of the relevant audience only.

If you want me to do presentations over videoconferencing, that can be arranged, but will take a little setup.

Short biographical sketches for inclusion in conference programs etc. are available here.

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